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The ultimate Beer League or Masters race ski with a GS feel, this ski will allow you to crush your closest rival every Wednesday night.

BLIZZARD Blizzard Ski
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  • Disciplina
    • Pista
  • Livello
    • Avanzato
  • Stato
    • Nuovo
  • Garantita
    • 1 anno
  • Genere
    • Uomo
  • Anno
    • 2016
  • Taglia Consigliata
    • 0 a 10 cm di meno
  • Regolazione
    • Tutti numeri senza attrezzi
  • Valore DIN
    • 6--->16 (sciatore a partire di 60 chilogrammi)
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The ultimate Beer League or Masters race ski with a GS feel, this ski will allow you to crush your closest rival every Wednesday night.

World Cup performance with beer league ease. A tighter turning radius and a wider footprint make these skis ideal for weekend carving and night racing.


- Lenghts: 167-172-176-182 cm
- Sidecut: 115-71-99 mm
- Radius: 19.0 m (176 cm)
- Binding: POWER14 TCX
- Construction: Sandwich Compound Sidewall; Wood, Titanium

Dura-Tec : Each individual detail has been designed to maximize the skis’ strength and durability.
- Aluminium tip protectors.
- Top Foil 20% thicker than the market standard with a texturized surface. This material protects the ski from scratches and knocks.
- Shorter IQ track so it can’t be damaged by impact with the edges.
- Maximum radius on upper edge to prevent scratches and chipping.
- New tail protector design: 75% stronger in impact test.

The sidewall built into the ski construction provides the following advantages:
- Improved transmission of skier’s movements to edge
- Constant pressure along the entire length of the ski
- Greater stability of the entire structure
- Impeccable control
- Maximum carving performance

- Full Camber : The full camber ski profile guarantees perfect pressure distribution from tip to tail, maximizing edge grip throughout the arc of the turn.

- Race Tip Profile : The tip profile on racing skis is more aggressive and has a softer construction. This guarantees greater ski deformation, for simpler and more instinctive turn initiation.

- Demo Ready Test & Buy : The design details of the ski (construction, top foil, tip and tail protection) have been chosen to provide the longest possible life cycle, while the boot plate and binding are designed to allow ease of-use and simple adjustment to different boot sizes. Skis with these characteristics are ideal for Test&Buy marketing and Rental.

Suspension : The polyamide structure built into the ski’s construction and connected to an elastic dampening system guarantees:
- 10 times less vibrations
- A more dynamic ski
- Better edge grip
- Greater control
- More effortless skiing

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Blizzard Ski