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K2 POTION 90 XTI 2016

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  • Disciplina
    • Fuori Pista
  • Livello
    • Avanzato
  • Stato
    • Nuovo
  • Garantita
    • 1 anno
  • Genere
    • Donna
  • Anno
    • 2016
  • Taglia Consigliata
    • 0 a 10 cm di meno
  • Ponte

K2 POTION 90 XTI 2016

The POTION 90 XTI is a freeride ski that pleased a number of female freeriders. It is great for stability, maneuverability and performance. Its tapered tip and tail as well as its triple-essence wooden core give it great agility and light weight. It features a dynamic chassis and is amazingly fast for those who like it.
The All-terrain rocker is also very versatile, making the ski equally maneuverable on soft and hard snow. Skiers looking for thrill will have fun carving curves in fresh snow with this equipment.



- Poplar/Paulownia/maple core

- All Terrain Rocker: This Rocker has been developed to be used in all snow conditions. The raised tip improves performance on variable and soft snow and facilitates the release curve, while the camber underfoot provides power, energy and edge grip on hard snow needed.

- Metal Laminate: It features two sheets of ultralight titanium alloy applied on the whole length of the ski. Laminated-metal skis are the most efficient and complex technology of the K2 range. This construction includes glass fiber and titanium layers over and below the wood starting at the ski's sole. The laminated metal provides cushioning, precision and flawless performance for the expert skiers.

- Hybritech Sidewall: - Hybritech is a unique blend of "cap" construction and construction with straight edges. It combines the accuracy, power, and performance of the edges under the feet with the lightness and ease of cornering that characterizes the skis with "cap" construction.

- Mod Technology: The high performance suspension system Mod absorbs vibrations and impacts on the entire length of the ski for bringing a more straightforward edge and advantage of power and control. The Mod is a secondary core which flexes and moves on the primary node to avoid damage on the general flex of the ski

- Skin Grommets : All the Adventure skis are provided with a hole at both ends. The holes are covered, and can be opened simply with a flat-head screw, for use in ski touring. They are primarily designed for the installation of skins, but can also be used in the manufacture of a rescue sledge in backcountry, and also for marking support points in the snow.

- Tapered tip and tail

Spatola (mm) Centro (mm) Coda (mm) Raggio (m) Peso (g)
  • Stato
    • Nuovo
  • Garantita
    • 1 anno
  • Genere
    • Uomo
  • Anno
    • 2014
  • Type of binding
    • Libero
  • Valore DIN
    • 4--->12 (sciatore di 40 a 120 chilogrammi)


Designed for the freestylers and freeriders with solid supports, the STH 12 OVERSIZED is the solid binding offering precise transmission.
Equipped with oversized wings with automatic adjustment, it benefits from a lateral transmission and exceptionally high DIN values. The pedal under the foot increases further lateral transmission, the reinforced heel rail catches without flinching the muscle receptions.


- High lateral transmission: Increased precision and control to push the limits of your performance.

- Adult standards

- Automatic adjustment of wings: No manipulation. The setting is automatic at the time of the fitting. You can forget your bindings with confidence!

- Pedal XL (65): A wide and fixed pedal ensures optimal transmission of the skier's power to the ski.

- Vertical scalable pivot: Controlled setting off for the falls in rear. Assured protection and confidence. Gain in speed and have some fun.

- Low profile chassis: Lowered profile for a better feel of the field and increased power transmission.

- Automatic adjustment of the height of the stop

- Valeur DIN : 4-12

- Height: 17.5 mm

- Adjustment range: 19 mm

- Stop ski R90 : 90 mm

- Weight : 2160 g (pair)

Peso (g) Peso unitario